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He said I was indirectly saying he’s dirty



A Nigerian lady identified with the Twitter handle @sinekhayaNaso has stirred mixed reactions among netizens after she narrated how she got dumped by her Korean boyfriend who didn’t like her performing household tasks.

Narrating her story on the micro-blogging platform, she acknowledged the big difference between cultures across the world as she noted that her Korean boyfriend claimed she was indirectly calling him a dirty person whenever she did his laundry and cleaned his apartment.

Her story continues: “Cultural differences are actually quite interesting. I once dated a Korean guy, he left me at his place on a Saturday to go work. When he came back I had cooked, cleaned & did his laundry. He dumped me. He said I’m low key saying he’s dirty.

“We fought the whole night with me explaining that men in my country love this shit!!

“I said ‘you should be happy I did this for you! I’m trying to help and make your life easier!’ Yoooh he got mad 😭 uthi he didn’t need my help he can take care of himself. Imagine fighting hours and hours about that??”

Meanwhile, reactions trailed her story as netizens shared mixed views.

@NjonjoloI said, “I think he wanted an excuse to dump you 🤔. There’s no ways he didn’t get where you’re coming from.”

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