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Day 16: Housemates Unleash Their Wild Side – BBMzansi



BBMzansi: Biggie’s Task Brief For Today Had The Housemates Journeying To The Wild Side To Channel Their Inner Animal. Here’s How They Unleashed The Beast.

BBMzansi Housemates Unleash Their Wild Side – BBMzansi
Day 16: Housemates Unleash Their Wild Side – BBMzansi—-

In today’s Task, Big Brother challenged the Housemates to pick a partner and pair up on the Garden Deck for some bodypainting. Each Housemate was expected to choose an animal they would like to be. Thereafter, they would take turns to paint each other’s bodies in the style of that animal. With just two hours to complete their Becoming the Animal Task, the House got busy with Housemates picking interesting animal choices – we wonder if their choices may be reflective of their personalities?

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Although today’s Task falls under the Wager Task for the week, the Housemates made sure to enjoy their paint job with some making sure they flirt their way through the sensual Task. Terry and Vyno made the Task a little more physical with the body paint, but B.U. and Yoli made it more sensual with some passive musings to each other. That said, we wonder what this means for B.U. and Venus. As it stands, we think the Venus, B.U and Yoli love triangle is about to get more complicated than it seems. Never mind how Acacia might feel about the matter.

animal print big brother mzansi


The Task was characterised with some interesting banter and teasing about whether the paint jobs were decent renderings of the animals. However, Biggie gave the Task an additional spicy twist by introducing a second part of the Task. Housemates were required to perform the mating call of their chosen animal and give their best impression of the accompanying mating dances.

animal print big brother mzansi

As they all took turns to impress each other, some mating calls were a little more elaborate than others. It seems Biggie agrees that this House has been feeling a little caged in, and taking this walk on the wild side was a much-needed fun release for the Housemates.

animal print big brother mzansi

Fun as it was to see them get a little handsy during the paint job, we wonder if this Task will successfully push them closer to their first win in a Wager Task. There’s a 100% Wager at stake, and if they don’t impress Biggie, we wonder how long they can go on with increased food woes in the House.

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