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Speed Darlington cries out for help as victim’s boss surrounds his house with thugs to teach him a lesson [Video]



Nigerian singer, Darlington Okoye, professionally known as Speed Darlington has cried out for help after his neighbor who accused him of molesting her 16-year-old housemaid surrounded his house with thugs to teach him a lesson.

Live-streaming the incident via his Instagram account, the singer could be heard calling for help as some men tried to force entry into his house.

Watch The Video Below

Prior to this, although it can’t be established if it’s connected to the new development, Speed Darlington had called out one of his neighbours for assaulting him at midnight.

In an earlier video on one of his social media handles, the singer was quoted as saying, “Can I have my neighbor arrested? And how much will it cost me, does anybody know if there is order of protection in Nigerian criminal system? Look what my neighbor did this morning, wanna drag her to the end of earths. “SPEEDY I am sorry” will not end this.

“l ask why are you banging on my door at this hour, she say I’m making videos and posting about her residence, who the f*ck is you to control me? I did not put your face in my video so how will people know that you live here, this is not your private house you are only paying for your flat not the whole building. I pull out a knife to stab her and she ran in the house. I was ready to waste her, she came into my personal space.”


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