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“I’d leave you exactly how the others left you; broken and saggy”



Popular reality star, Angel Smith, gets engaged by a troll in a rather savage manner in response to the 22-year-old’s post.

Angel smith

Angel had taken to the micro-blogging platform to share four dazzling photos of herself followed up with a caption of the adorable impression she leaves on those close to her heart.

Sharing the photos, the brand influencer wrote, “I’ll leave you broken and shaken; but you’ll still call me baby.”

The caption, however, triggered a troll who savagely replied Angel with a comment claimed to be unwarranted by other users.

“You’ll leave me broken and shaken.
Just How?
I’d leave you exactly how the others left you.
Broken and saggy,”
he wrote.

“I'd leave you exactly how the others left you; broken and saggy” - Between Angel and troll who brought knife to a pencil fight (Video)

Angel, who may have taken an offense but refused to act on it replied with a sarcastic laughter from a movie character, The Joker.

See Angel’s reply below …

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