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“I watched my cheating boyfriend die without calling for help”



Embattled lady seeks help on how to get over the guilt of watching her cheating boyfriend die of a heart attack.

According to the narration of a lady shared through an anonymous source, the boyfriend had a sudden health breakdown which gave the lady a chance to go through his phone.

The lady, however, refused to help him after seeing his chat with a lady whom he once cheated on and is still in contact with.

Read full narration below …

“Hi Auntie Momoza. Please hide my name. I was in bed with my boyfriend and we were both busy on our phones. Out of the blue he fell from the bed. I noticed he was having a heart attack. I took his phone with the aim of calling an ambulance and his brother, I noticed his WhatsApp was still on.

Out of curiosity I read his last chat. He was chatting with a girl he promised he would stay away from, and she was breaking up with him. After begging and begging and failing, he suffered a heart attack. Out of anger I didn’t call the ambulance and his brother.

He died right in front of me and I didn’t feel a thing at the moment. I was hurt that he was chatting with another woman right next to me. It’s been 7 months now and his death is starting to haunt me. I’m blaming myself for what happened and I can’t talk to anyone about it.

They think I tried to save him but what they don’t know is I only made the call for help after he died. What can I do to get rid of this guilt?”

"I watched my cheating boyfriend die without calling for help" - Lady seeks advice on how to get over guilt

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