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Cows Are More Important Than Human Beings In Nigeria



Founder of the Salvation Ministries, Pastor David Ibiyeomie has spoken about the ‘failed system’ of the Buhari administration.

The famous pastor called out those in power over the current situation of insecurity and lack of Freedom of speech in the country. According to him, the current administration practices failed the system.

Pastor David claimed the presidency has decided to place a higher value on cows than the citizens of the country.

He made the statement to his members in Port Harcourt on the topic “Divine Protection”.

In his words;
“Some people will just sit down and scheme to attack somebody. The love of money has increased, so people want to do anything to have it, so human life is of no value. That is why you need protection, especially in this part of the world like Nigeria where people value cows more than humans.

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“In Nigeria, a cow is more important than a human being, that is how funny the Government of Nigeria is, where cows are of more valuable than human beings.”

“I have not seen one Boko Haram man convicted, not one. Have you heard anyone convicted? So, who is behind it? You better answer it? That is the level of wickedness everywhere. Are you saying that they don’t know them? Why is it that one person has not been caught and convicted?

“We are privileged to hear things from the military men which I might not be able to say on the altar, but by the position of my calling, I hear from the military. If you say you want to attack the Boko Haram, you may be the victim they want to attack. You know in the military you don’t talk, else they will court-martial you. It is a very funny country,”


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