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‘I Have Been So Scared’-Tboss Expresses Regret After Receiving Her COVID-19 Vaccine Shot



Former Big Brother Naija Housemate Idowu Tboss has expressed regret whilst sharing her Covid-19 vaccine experience.


The mother of one, in a long post on Instagram, explained how she woke up with severe body pains which made her body feel numb at the time. She further added that she endured throbbing headaches with dizziness that made her feel out of the world.


‘I Have Been So Scared’-Tboss Expresses Regret After Receiving Her COVID-19 Vaccine Shot


However, she noted that she had done her bits like a responsible citizen pleading to God, to take control.


Read her post below; ‘Soooo I FINALLY decided to go get the COVID-19 vaccine shot. I have been so scared & almost paranoid cos of all the conspiracy theories out there but as it is- for someone who loves to travel I didn’t want to get restricted and so I woke up and asked mama to take me. Boom- thoughts of what if this was me accepting the mark of the devil filled my head & I spoke to a couple of friends and they said- Nahhh???????? & talked me outta that silly thought. Next thing my daughter wakes up & begins throwing tantrums & wouldn’t let me go anywhere without her. Was this a sign for me not to go get the shot?????

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We were already running late so I just threw a dress on her & out the door we went. Got to the center and took the shot. Ps: that tiny needle hurt like heck. I felt dizzy & faint & the headache wasn’t of this world. Slept like a log when we got home & woke up in severe pain. My arm felt heavy and I could barely move it. Mama turns on the tv to watch the news & the latest was that many restaurants & shops were gonna start restricting people if they hadn’t gotten the shot. Chimo no be the mark of the devil be this one so? I started crying.

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Regretting my decision. I felt like I should cut off my arm, drain out my blood. I started praying because I Love Jesus too much and anything otherwise is Not & would never be for me. The pain & headaches made it even worse.

Bottom line- Na God go sha help us. As a responsible citizen, I have done my part. God take control cos to make Heaven is the Grand Plan




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