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7 useful wellness tips for a healthier lifestyle in 2021



1. Maintain a balanced diet.


Consume a variety of foods, such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and whole grains. Adults can consume at least five portions of fruits and vegetables (400g) per day. You will increase your fruit and vegetable intake by including vegetables in every meal, snacking on fresh fruit and vegetables, consuming a variety of fruits and vegetables, and eating them when they are in season.


2. Consume less salt and sugar


Filipinos eat twice as much sodium as is recommended, placing them at risk for elevated blood pressure, which raises the risk of heart failure and stroke. The majority of people get their sodium from salt. Reduce the salt consumption to 5g a day, or around one teaspoon.
When cooking meals, avoid fish sauce and other high-sodium condiments; exclude salt, seasonings, and condiments from the table; avoid spicy snacks; and use low-sodium items.
Excess sugar consumption, on the other hand, raises the risk of tooth loss and unwanted weight gain. Free sugar consumption should be kept to less than 10% of overall energy intake in both adults and children.


 3. Reduce the consumption of fatty fats.


The amount of fat you eat should be less than 30% of your overall energy consumption. This will assist in the reduction of excessive weight gain as well as NCDs. Fats come in a number of ways, but unsaturated fats are favoured over saturated and trans fats.
Unsaturated fats are present in fish, avocados, and almonds, as well as sunflower, soybean, canola, and olive oils; saturated fats are found in fatty meat, butter, palm and coconut oil, milk, cheese, ghee, and lard; and trans-fats are found in baked and fried foods, as well as pre-packaged snacks and foods like frozen pizza, cookies, and biscuits.


4. Avoid harmful use of alcohol


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There is no such thing as a healthy amount of alcohol consumption. Alcohol use can result in psychiatric and behavioral conditions, like alcohol dependency, as well as significant NCDs including liver cirrhosis, certain tumors, and heart diseases, as well as accidents from crime and traffic battles and crashes.


5. Smoking is prohibited



Tobacco use leads to NCDs like lung cancer, heart disease, and stroke. Tobacco destroys not only overt smokers, but also nonsmokers who are exposed to it secondhand. About 15.9 million Filipino adults still smoke cigarettes, but 7 out of 10 smokers are involved in quitting or intend to quit.

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6. Be active


Physical activity is characterized as any bodily action requiring energy expenditure that is provided by skeletal muscles. . This includes exercise and activities undertaken while studying, playing, doing housework, traveling, and doing outdoor activities.


7. Regularly check your blood pressure


Hypertension, also known as elevated blood pressure, is known as a “silent murderer.” This is because many patients with hypertension may be unaware of their condition because it has no effects. Hypertension, if left unchecked, will lead to heart, liver, kidney, and other diseases. Get your blood pressure tested by a health provider on a daily basis so you are aware of your numbers. Consult a health professional if the blood pressure is high.


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