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CORRUPTION : Niger Delta Group Planned To Join TUC’s Protest Over Corruption In NDDC



The Niger Delta Rights Advocates has threatened to join the Trade Union Congress and other civil society organisations to protest the delay on the part of the Nigerian Government in taking action against officials of Niger Delta Development Commission involved in corruption.

The group called on President Muhammadu Buhari not to stain his government with the mud of corruption by endorsing the continued dramatisation of corruption in the commission.

In a statement, spokesperson for the group, Darlington Nwauju, said, “In as much as government is a continuum and ordinarily nothing would have been seen as awkward in having a sitting management team commissioning the projects completed by its predecessor, the case of the Prof Pondei-led NDDC IMC is quite different for the basic reason that there are plethora of uncompleted and abandoned projects which the IMC could lay hands on to deliver to the people of the region.

“The NDRA considers the attempt by Prof Pondei and his team as a ploy to dig into their bag of tricks to continue to put the people of the region in confusional conference while he and his co-travellers continue in the sharing bazaars.

“Finally, we shall have no other option than to join forces with the TUC and sister civil society organisations to protest the seeming delay on the part of the Federal Government to decisively take action against the current NDDC IMC.”

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