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In The Beginning… My Fitness Journey -Sasha Blaque.



For as long as I can remember I’ve always been conscious of how my body looked but my actual fitness journey started back in Uni. Please note that I actually felt I was battling major fat back then but when I look at old pictures I just feel very silly????

I think one of the major factors that made me so conscious was the fact that there was a physical trend among the females on my dad’s side of the family… the prominent hips and derrière. Growing up as an active kid always playing with the boys (football, lawn tennis, tag and other contact sports) made the thought of morphing into a hip-laden individual was quite scary… the trauma!

Getting into my teens, I got used to wearing baggy tees and bottoms partly because that was my naturally preferred swag but also partly because it helped to hide my body from unwanted attention. I started to develop quite early and believe me, it was no fun at first, I thought my life was over!

Halfway through Uni, I decided to finally take matters into my own hands instead of just dreading the future and started by first weaning myself off sodas which I was heavily dependent on at the time. I was actively dancing with a dance group but also began to do intentional workouts as often as possible. A friend of mine even just reminded me about a week ago that I used to force my friends to workout with me, trying to whip them into shape (I legit did not remember)

Over time, working out has become a part of my norm -some call it an addiction- and has helped me embrace the body I once feared (not like I have a choice, these hips die here!????). I still have major body goals though, especially after “blurting out” three kids (they owe me for life!) but as with every journey, it’s one step at a time. We keep moving
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