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Woman in Labour Dies at Check Point After Police Delayed – Residents Protest



Youths in Ibi-Ade in Ogun Waterside council area on Thursday, May 21st took to the streets to protest against police officers responsible for the death of a pregnant woman.
It is alleged that officers enforcing the COVID-19 lockdown delayed the woman from getting to the hospital in time for delivery.
This angered the youths who threatened to burn down the divisional police headquarters in the town.
An eyewitness said the woman was already bleeding but the motorcycle conveying her was delayed for hours before the officers allowed the motorcyclist to continue.
The woman died shortly after arriving at the hospital from suspected blood loss.
This development sparked outrage in the community and it took the intervention of the traditional ruler, Alarege of Ibi-Ade, Oba Kola Rahimi and some notable personalities in the community to help pacify the youths.
Festus Ogun spoke to one of the newsmen saying,
“The true situation is that the woman was in labour and she was already bleeding profusely and being taken to the hospital.
“On the way to the hospital, the motorcycle carrying her was stopped by officers of the Nigeria Police Force, she was delayed for hours and it was that delay that led to her death.”
However, the spokesman of the State Police Command, Abimbola Oyeyemi denied the allegations, stressing that the police officers were not responsible for the death of the pregnant woman.
He said:
“The officers stopped them and asked questions; they said that the woman is bleeding, so the officers asked them to go to the hospital. About 10 or 15 minutes later, the woman died during labour. Maybe she had lost a lot of blood before they decide to take her to the hospital.
” She hasn’t even given birth before she died. So, those people came back and said that the policemen that stopped them at the checkpoint delayed them from getting to the hospital earlier, saying that they killed her. How is that possible?”

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